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Maybe you are at a point in your life where you want to learn how to approach women. And be successful in doing so! In this article you will find 30 ways to open a conversation with your beloved in any situation in life. All of them have been tested and found to work.

One of the most unpleasant feelings in a man’s life is when he does not have the ability to charm a beautiful and intelligent woman. In this article you will learn what it is all about and which 30 ways you have at your disposal to approach, get to know and get the number of a wonderful woman today:

Don’t panic: You don’t have to do stupid exercises like lying down in the pedestrian zone or recite poems like you find on certain self-confidence websites. Let’s use this structure so you can get the most out of this article:


Why is it so hard to approach women?

First and foremost, it is not only very easy to approach a woman you don’t know, but it is also desired.

If you take a look at the following statistics from, you will find something very interesting.


In this statistic you can see that almost every second woman is waiting to be approached, while only 7% of all men make the first step.

Statistics Approaching Men and Women

Statistics Approaching Men and Women

What does that mean?


It means quite clearly that girls all over the world are desperately waiting for YOU to approach them. Ladies are waiting for you to take them away from their everyday life with a little flirtation and take them on a journey where they can dream and yearn.


A good starting point, right?


So why do many men find it difficult to approach a woman on the street, in a bar or other places? What keeps them from flirting with girls? Where’s your obstacle to seducing a beautiful woman?


What’s stopping you from simply approaching a beautiful woman while shopping?


Why do many men find it difficult to meet women?


First and foremost, many men don’t even know that they can even approach women to get to know them. They don’t know that it is possible to get beautiful girls on a spontaneous date, to see them again and to build a relationship with them.


They don’t know that they can start a flirt with gorgeous ladies on the street or in a disco. And that they are allowed to do so.


You can’t do that!


That’s the first point why you might find it difficult to meet women:


Maybe you are still thinking that it is not proper to approach a woman (who you also like) in public.


The reason for this can be a very simple one.


For example, because you’ve too rarely seen it happen yourself. Yet you can be 100% sure that you have seen it before.


Because getting to know the opposite sex is something completely natural. So it is possible that you have walked past two of these lovebirds in the pedestrian zone without consciously realizing that they have just met.


To cut a long story short:


You can and should talk to girls that you like. This is not only intended by nature, but the girls will thank you for it. Think of the statistics from above 🙂


She turns me down!


A lot of men are afraid of being rejected when they make the first step.


They imagine that the woman will say something derogatory or even insulting. And to make matters worse, the passers-by around notice this and laugh at the man who has the courage to want to meet his dream woman.


Does that sound vaguely familiar to you?


Even if you recognize yourself here only rudimentarily. Please think this scenario through.


Because that’s exactly what you don’t do if you’re afraid of rejection.


If you feel like the men in the example, then you don’t think through the so-called “worst case scenario” either. As a result, your mind keeps on thinking about all the available (and unfortunately mostly negative in this case) possibilities and thus finds itself in a cycle of thoughts that is not completed. Especially since each time you think about it, another option is considered, which then triggers panic or fear of failure.

Approaching women - she waits for you

Approaching women – she waits for you

But if you force yourself to think through the worst case scenario, you will always come to the conclusion that it is silly to think this mass of thoughts and you can concentrate on doing it from then on.


I’m not good enough!


A belief that many people carry around with them. And unfortunately it shows itself in many different forms.


While one person cannot even bring himself to talk to a pretty woman, the other person has the problem that he doesn’t notice when the girl is attracted to him.


These are only two of the many forms of the belief that we are not good enough. Not good enough for a (good-looking, sexy) girlfriend. Or not good enough for recognition and love.


Therefore many men unfortunately walk through their lives with radical blinders on and do not notice how the ladies turn around after them, make eye contact or flirt with them.


If you feel the same way and you feel that you are not good enough, then don’t drag this around with you for so long. Do you think it will be spontaneously and magically better if you don’t tackle the subject with a professional who has solved this blockade hundreds of times in men?


No? Good. Then contact me here: Click


So men often stand in their own way. They wish for a great girlfriend, but don’t know that they don’t allow themselves to do so.


What we’re dealing with here is low self-esteem. The feeling that you are not worthy of having something great and beautiful in your life.


So in order to be more free as a man and to have a wide choice of beautiful and intelligent women, click here ‘.




It is also a form of low self-esteem to find excuses for why you cannot address this woman right now.


  • “Now is not the time for this!”
  • “She must have a boyfriend!”
  • “I’m definitely bothering her right now!”
  • “She’s not interested in me!”


These excuses are all factually pure conjecture, which you make only because of your self-worth. Instead of relying on the positive assumptions here, which are just as right or wrong.


” She…


  • …is about to leave. It’s now or never!”
  • …is definitely single!”
  • …just waiting for someone to brighten her day with a little variety!”
  • …wants me!”

“Women are bad”


Okay, this point is very important.


Again and again I meet men who think badly about the fairer sex and verbalize it – including men who apply for mentoring with me, which is very paradoxical. “I want a woman. But they’re dumb.”


These men say things like: women…


  • are all Sl..s
  • are sh*t
  • just keep looking at their smartphones
  • are ignorant


… and yet they don’t realize how they are destroying their own lives with their potential dream women.


To reiterate one thing here: I firmly believe that every man deserves to wake up in the morning next to the woman of his dreams and live a happy life with her. Even you!


However, if you have received many rejections from the fairer sex in your past, you may tend to say or think one of the above sentences.


You should stop that now.


Let’s try to put this in another context. Would you still want to spend time with a friend if he doesn’t show you any appreciation at your meetings?


Worse, he doesn’t listen to you, talks badly about you in public and patronizes you.


So, would you continue to get close to this person?


In the same way, if you think badly of the ladies, they will also run away. We humans just don’t want to be around someone who wants us bad.


Women are wonderful beings who bring a living, flowing energy into a room when they enter it. They radiate a pleasant warmth and on bad days they put a smile on your face with their mere presence.


How can anyone show them resentment?

Approaching women - what do women want

Approaching women – what do women want

The problem is you. If you’ve had bad experiences with girls in the past and couldn’t convince any of them, it’s not because of the ladies.


Something about you and your behaviour was not coherent and/or not attractive. But it’s not your fault. And certainly not the woman’s 🙂


Because you can learn to flirt. Just as you can learn to be attractive for the fair sex and attractive for your dream women. So don’t push it in front of you anymore.


And end the time of waking up alone in the morning or falling asleep alone, when you want women in your life so much that they enrich your life.


You can find out exactly how that works here. Completely for free! ›


What do women want?


Men are often confused when they are around attractive girls. On the one hand, they may be too shy to approach a woman, but on the other hand they sense these mixed signals from the ladies:


Do they want a macho and/or asshole as a partner? Or do they want your nice guy and gentleman?


The short answer: They want both.


Let’s take a look at why this makes sense and how you can be exactly that for them. So that the tips on how to approach women in the following section will also work.


Check back next week as we take a closer look at the topic “What do women want anyway?”. To not miss the article: Sign up here and I’ll remind you in time.


Women want a man


Now you’re gonna say, “Yeah, of course!” But it doesn’t seem so clear to many men.


Women want a man who knows what he wants. This also includes that he takes what he wants and finds ways to achieve it.


He finds ways. Not excuses for not achieving it.


So a man who sees a beautiful woman and goes to her to find out if she suits him. A man who goes into action instead of withdrawing from the situation.


In addition, this man should be courteous, self-confident and strong in leadership. Be sure to check out this article about finding a girlfriend at 30+.


There you will find out why YOU have the very best cards with the girls.


These female beings want to be addressed, they want to feel your emotions and be taken on a journey. They are willing to follow you into a café immediately if you want to address them and conquer them.


You only have to want it yourself and allow yourself to do it.


So if there is not the desire to get to know her and be successful with the fair sex in every single pore, she will make an excuse why she does not have time for you.


Do you have this wish? Great! Then we can now start with the 30 ways:


30 Ways to Attract Women – Learn to Attract Women


Hopefully you have read the first part of the article thoroughly and not only want to meet girls on the outside, but are also willing to work on your inside to achieve really outstanding results.


How can I approach women?


The most important thing is that you are positive and go through the world with an open mind.


That is why the first step here is “discovery”. In my Seducer Mentoring Program, after the week of discovery, men are amazed at how blindly they have walked through the world and how many experiences they have missed.


But how do you get into the positive mood?


Of course, it doesn’t help you to worry about what might go wrong. In fact, thinking generally does not help you here.


Thinking intensively about how to approach the pretty woman or how to do it right is absolutely deadly for your success.


Intense thinking will slow you down. You move more carefully and your head has more time to deal with scenarios that will never happen. You remember the passage on this above?


Instead, you move faster. Walk 2, 3 steps faster than you normally do. You will notice that you breathe a little stronger. This is a good sign, because this way you are much more in your body and therefore in your emotions.


The opposite of “being in your head” is always “being in your body”!


Dominik van Awe


And you need these emotions if you want to try out the following 30 ways to address the ladies.


Watch your body language


In addition, it is important that you also show a masculine posture. Watch this video in which I show you how you easily radiate more masculinity when you respond:


Absolutely recommended if you want to strengthen your manhood when you speak.


Also read: Body language woman: 7 signs & signals of interest


So let’s start with where you can hit on women:


I have created a small video for you to start with, which I recommend you watch at the beginning, so that you can take the so-called mindset with you to address women.


Approaching women in everyday life – What to say?


If you’re already hot to go out and talk to girls on your own, your everyday life is the best place to do it. Which possibilities do you have here?


Approaching women in everyday life – examples:


In the supermarket


Suppose you see them by the canned goods. Stand next to her and say:


“Hey, you look like you have some idea This ravioli here… would you prefer it with or without meat stuffing?”


At the vegetable counter:

“Tell me, how can you tell when a pineapple is ripe?”


On the street


She’s coming towards you. You make eye contact and smile slightly. Then extend your arm so you want to stop her:


“Hey, you’re really charismatic. I’m Andy, what’s your name?”


Unless you can think of something better:


“Hey! I just saw you and I have to say you look gorgeous! Can I get to know you a little?”


She’s out with a friend:


“Excuse me. I just noticed you when you were walking by here. I just had to talk to you. (To the friend) I’m sure you’re cool. Your friend looks incredibly cute. Is it okay if I ask her her name for a second?


She’s out with her mother:


Same text as above. The mother will be on your side immediately 😉


You see her on the phone or listening to music:


Indicate with hand gestures that she should hang up or take out her earplugs and then say with a confident smile


“Hey, who are you?” (hand out)


Her shopping bags are full:


Stop her. “You look so happy. Were you out shopping?”

Approaching women: 30 easy ways every man should know

Approaching women: 30 easy ways every man should know

On the park bench:


Sit with her. “Hi. Is this seat taken?”


The Discovery Method:


Watch the video training if you want to know how your dream women will react positively to your contact every time. Click here, and sign up ‘


At work


In the canteen:


“May I cut in front? Today I’m having schnitzel and my colleague is going to steal the last one. Oh, have we met before?”


In the hall:

“You work in Department XY, don’t you? I’m Andy.”


On a business trip:

“Excuse me, I’m just passing through here. Do you know a good café to relax in? … “You’re charming, I’m Andy, and you?”


Approachin women in the club


For some men, nightclubs and bars are a big obstacle if they want to meet women there. Some blame the volume and others blame it on the fact that there are too many people there.


Of course you should feel comfortable there and in general the fair sex is very talkative there.


It is very important that you do not pretend to be cool. Also check out this video why you should NOT be like James Bond:


In the club / at the disco


On the dance floor:


Look at her while you dance. As soon as she looks back, put out your hand as if you were asking her to dance. Then dance.


At the bar:


“Who do you think will be served faster You or me?” (Bet for a shot)


Standing at the DJ desk:


She comes to make a request. ” I’ m sorry. No song requests today.” She’ll want to argue. (Yeah, have some fun and pretend you’re part of the crew.)


At the bar II:


Cheers to her. “I don’t know you yet. Who are you?


It’s on the outside:


“I’ll stand with you. Hi. Andy.”


City festivals or large gatherings of people


Give her a light bump:


“Oh, sorry. I didn’t see you there. Who are you?”


You’ve lost your friends:

“I’ve lost my friends. I’m coming with you now!”


High five:


Offer her a high five and then say, ” Yeah! Who are you?”


Other places and occasions


There are still so many good opportunities to get to know your dream woman… In this category I would like to put some things in, which didn’t really fit in above.




Look at your pictures and discover something special about them.


Example: “Hey, [NAME]! I think it’s great that you don’t have a single mirror selfie in your profile!”


Pay her a compliment.


“Wow, you seem like a really positive person!”


Also read our ultimate Tinder Guide





Make a request:


Even if this method does not promise much success, you can also make a good catch here if you are clever. Talk crystal clear and unembellished about what kind of woman you are looking for. The more you stand by your wishes and communicate them, the more messages you will receive from the ladies.


If you were at the same place, e.g. a concert, club or restaurant:


“Hey, you were at XYZ yesterday, too? Too bad we missed each other. Did you find it so abc too?” (Describe what it was like for you in that place)




Please do NOT message girls on Facebook or Instagram. This is NOT the platform for that. Yes, it can work, but the cost-benefit ratio doesn’t pay off. Use the platforms that are designed for it. You will meet more ladies, get better results and turn off your computer with a better feeling than if you put all your hope in “this one”.




She’s sunning herself on the beach:


You kneel down. “Hey… Who are you?” (No one dares to approach a half-naked woman on the beach. So you don’t have to be creative.)


She knows her stuff:


“Hey, do you know your way around here? I’ m looking for a cozy restaurant for tonight .”





If you’re wondering what to say when you want to appeal to women, you’ve got a couple of supports here. Please note, however, that these are only aids that should not be learned by heart.


The most important thing is that you are authentic and tell her what you just felt.


Usually it is enough for the beginning of a flirt if you put on your best smile and just say “Hi!


The resulting tension will make her want to contribute to the conversation 😉


You have now learned 30 ways to attract girls in everyday life, nightlife or online. Now stay focused and continue the conversation.


If you need help with the next step, I will be happy to support you. Register here for a free consultation.


I will show you how you can easily attract the women of your dreams into your life so that you will never have to wake up alone again or be satisfied with the women you meet.


If you’re tired of getting dumped all the time or just getting the women you don’t really like, then you have to do something NOW or nothing will change in your life. You will continue to wake up alone, women will avoid you and you will die alone.


Harsh words?


They are only harsh if you feel addressed. And if you’re spoken to, then I mean you. So come to the free consultation. You’ll find the link below.


I hope you have fun and curiosity while trying out these conversation openings (also called openers). You will notice that it is not difficult to approach women if you prepare yourself with the tips from the first part of the article.


Make the decision to rock your life!


And now: Out you go, my friend!


Dein Authentic Charisma Team,